Miami In The Lead? Major Cities Are Racing To Claim Title As “Crypto Capital Of The U.S.”

The city of Miami has been very aggressive and strategic as the race to become the “Crypto Capital” of the U.S. rages on. 

The South Florida city is well on its way to becoming the central hub for all things crypto. 

A couple of recent initiatives shows just how serious Miami is.  The city has created “Miamicoin,” generated by CityCoins, which will allow all residents to be in the crypto game. They can invest in the city by purchasing the CityCoin tokens. 

The city’s mayor, Francis Suarez, is very forward-thinking on crypto, and he must have shocked his old-school counterparts around the country when he announced he would be receiving his paychecks in crypto. 

Suarez wants his city to become an “innovation forward city,” He believes being known as that will create high paying jobs and new businesses in his city.  

The data backs up the efforts of Miami, as a Fox Business report says Miami now ranks number one for technology job growth in a study by Burning Glass Technologies Labor Insights. 

You see signs of Miami’s commitment to crypto year-round.  They hold a huge Bitcoin convention that brings in thousands of people from all over the world, and the most popular team in Miami, the NBA’s heat, will be playing in the newly re-named FTX Arena for the next decade.  FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange that paid $200 million for naming rights on the arena. 

Miami’s CityCoin idea will spread fast if successful, and New York’s incoming Mayor-elect Eric Adams said NYC would have a CityCoin of its own shortly. 

Ultimately, Suarez wants every Miami resident to have the opportunity to have digital wallets so they can use or save crypto. 

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