Creep Fest! Melinda Gates Was So Disgusted After A Meeting She And Bill Had With Jeffrey Epstein She Warned Her Hubby To Avoid Him.

One of the downsides of being worth $130 billion, and having high profile opinions and often times a stake in some of the most important and controversial subject matters in the world is a lot of attention will be placed on your personal life. 

Especially when you’re in the middle of a contentious divorce, and details of a meeting with a notorious creep who at the time of the meeting had already been convicted of soliciting child prostitution are revealed. 

The latest news nugget surrounding the divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates revolves around the meeting the Gates’ and Epstein had at the upper East Side New NYC home of Epstein in 2013. 

Multiple reports put the timeline of Gates and Epstein becoming acquaintances as 2011, when Epstein pitched a fund to the Gates Foundation and JP Morgan. 

Fast forward to the 2013 meeting the power couple attended together.  The Daily Beast reports that Melinda warned Bill to not have any further contact with Epstein after she was in the home of the convicted sex offender with her husband. 

Details of an email Gates allegedly wrote in 2011 and sent to colleagues were reported on Friday as well. The Daily Mail shared that in the email, Gates said of Epstein: “His lifestyle is very different and kind intriguing although it would not work for me.”

When Bill and Melinda Gates met with Epstein on September 20, 2013, Epstein had already been convicted of soliciting a minor for prostitution in Florida.  A few years later, he was charged with a federal crime of sex trafficking. In 2019 he allegedly committed suicide in prison. 

After Epstein’s second arrest, Bill Gates went on the offensive, telling media outlets including Axios that he “wishes he never met” Epstein and insisting they had never been in business together. 

There are a lot of perks of being the fourth richest person in the world. Having your personal life dissected, analyzed and picked apart during a divorce is not one of them, but it goes along with the territory. 

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