Meet The Toughest Lady In The World! At 102, She’s Lived Through The Spanish Flu, And Survived Cancer And COVID Twice!

At 102 years young, a New York woman definitely deserves to be crowned the pandemic queen. Angelina Friedman, who lives in a nursing home in Mohegan Lake, N.Y., was born during the Spanish Flu in 1918 and has now survived COVID-19 twice!

Friedman was first diagnosed with her initial bout of COVID back in March. In October, just before her 102nd birthday, she was diagnosed with the virus once again. She had recovered from the virus by mid-November.

There’s no question Friedman is a survivor. She was born during the 1918 flu pandemic on a passenger ship, which was transporting immigrants from Italy to New York City. Her mother died while giving birth to her on the ship.

With her initial diagnosis of COVID in March, Friedman survived the virus at 101-years old, with her second bout that ended in November she survived the virus at 102-years old. Her Birthday is Oct. 18, 1918.

Angelina has also survived cancer in her lifetime.

In an interview with WPIX11 in New York, Friedman’s daughter, Joanne Merola, said she attributes her mom’s survival to “an iron will to live.” She also said that her mother may not be “the oldest to survive COVID, but she may be the oldest to survive it twice.”

Let’s hope Friedman gets to celebrate her 103rd birthday COVID-free and doesn’t have to survive the virus for round three.

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