Tacolicious! McCormick’s Looking To Pay Someone $100K To Be Their Director Of Taco Relations.

While service industry jobs sit open, and hiring managers pull their hair out trying to figure out what kind of incentives to use that will work in getting people to apply for their open gigs, there’s one job that might create a paper shortage due to all the resumes created trying to land it. 

McCormick’s is looking for someone to fill the position of Director of Taco Relations. What’s McCormick’s you might be wondering? The seasoning company that you see in the spices aisle of your grocery store. 

What’s a Director of Taco Relations do? Make a nice salary traveling around the country to find new taco recipes and discover exciting new taco trends.  

In order to land the gig, you’ll need a suitcase in good working condition, because the job calls for remote work up to 20 hours per week. The pay is $25K per month, and it’s a four month position which tops out at $100K. 

Yes, a six figure salary to eat tacos from coast to coast. 

If this sounds like a dream job, you have until July 20 to apply. 

Hey, if this doesn’t work out, every one of the 5,600 Taco Bells would probably hire you in a second. It might not be as glamorous, fun, and financially rewarding, but you can stay longer than four months. 

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