Masks Bring The Worst Out Of Some People. Including This Slap Happy Airline Passenger

Several dozen mothballed Delta Air Lines jets are parked on a closed runway at Kansas City International Airport on Thursday, May 14, 2020 in Kansas City, Mo. Delta Air Lines said Monday, Aug. 31, 2020 that it will drop the fee for domestic flights. Delta is following the example set by United Airlines and saying it will drop an unpopular $200 fee on customers who change a ticket for travel within the United States. The moves come as airlines are desperately trying to lure people back to flying. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

There are those who consider being asked to wear a mask a slap in the face. And then there are those who deliver a slap in the face for being asked to wear a mask.

As a Delta flight readied to leave Miami for Atlanta on Monday, a flight attendant was imploring a passenger to put on the mask that was around her neck to meet Delta’s passenger policy.

Several passengers recorded the exchange, which escalated rapidly. One recording picks up the flight attendant saying how she and others were tired and ready to go home. On another, closer recording, the passenger can be heard repeating, “Or what? Or what?” as she moved closer and then struck the flight attendant on the cheek.

“You shouldn’t have touched me,” the passenger said. “You pushed me.”

The slap-happy passenger was then held back by the man with her as several other passengers interceded. Miami police boarded the plane, which had a long delay when the passengers did not leave expeditiously.

“The Delta flight attendant handled it with remarkable patience and good humor,” said BBC journalist Katty Kay, who was a passenger on the flight.

Singer Lauren England shared the close-up video of the incident on her Instagram account and commented,How you mad cause your boyfriend caused the WHOLE flight to be turned around & delayed cause he don’t want to put his seat belt on? and they been asking y’all to get off the flight for the past hour.”

The flight appeared to be full. The Transportation Security Administration reported that Sunday marked the first time that it had screened 1 million passengers at U.S. airports since March 17.

Pack your patience and a mask.

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