Verbal Smackdown! Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Basically Tells Mark Zuckerberg He’s Weak For Not Making The Call On Trump.

It’s fun watching megalomaniacal tech titans barking at each other. 

Nothing a little out-of-touch billionaire on billionaire verbal violence to create a good headline and entertaining dustup. 

Tuesday, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff went after a frequent target of his; Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, mocking the company’s decision to put the decision-making process regarding content moderation in the hands of a “Supreme Court” type board, instead of being man enough to make the decisions himself.

Yeah, it’s safe to say there is no “Oversight Board” at Salesforce, and Benoiff said he fully agreed with the Board’s decision to pass on making the decision on the future of Donald Trump on the Facebook platform.

Benoiff was speaking at his company’s “Future of Everything” event. Here’s some of what he said.  “They basically said, ‘This is your company. You are the leader. You have this position. And you have to know what is right in your heart to do. And if you cannot do that, then you probably should not be the CEO because that’s a CEO’s job.’”

Things got interesting, because Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer was also interviewed, and needless to say, he didn’t agree.  “That advice runs counter to what I think most people think, which is that things that are important in the world require oversight. This is why you have regulatory bodies, this is why you have elected governments.”

Not exactly at the trash talk level of Jake Paul or Conor McGregor, but better than corporate gibberish and nerdy tech diatribe which is what you normally get at an event like this.

Fun fact; Facebook has spent more than $130 million putting together and running their Oversight Board. Not exactly a fantastic ROI when you consider they really don’t do anything.

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