Card Sharks! Man Sues His 82-Year Old Mom Over Valuable Baseball Cards. 

Baseball cards were initially invented for kids to have fun collecting them and enjoying a piece of gum that came in each package. 

There were never designed to rip families apart, but because some cards have become incredibly valuable, greed trumps love, and things can get very, very ugly. 

Case in point is what’s going on with a 55-year old man and his 82-year old mother in New York. 

Christopher Trencher has filed suit against his mother, Carol Ivanick, in Manhattan Superior Court, alleging his mommy bought two valuable baseball cards as gifts for her son almost 40 years ago, but she has refused to give the cards to her son despite his repeated requests. 

Trencher said the cards are “rare and irreplaceable,” and he has a point. 

One of the cards is a 1953 Topps Ralph Kiner, and the other is a 1953 Topps Satchel Paige. They are worth over $25,000. 

Here’s where things get ugly; mom said her son gave the cards to her as a gift in the mid-1990s, and she is absolutely befuddled how their grievance has ended up in court. 

Here’s what she told the NY Post. 

“Are you serious? He filed a case against me in Manhattan Supreme Court? I was a big fan of Satchel Paige. I’m in my 80s and still enjoying them. I was very pleased he was including me in his hobby, and Satchel Paige was an iconic figure for me.”

The whole mess has left a mark, as the son and his family have apparently cut off all ties to Ivanick. 

Trencher wants a judge to force his home to give him the cards, or the value of what they are worth, $25,000. 

Ivanick said she already has the cards written into her will and will go to Trencher’s children. 

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