Mahomes Keeps Em Guessing! Changes His Profile Picture On IG To An Old Shot Of His Coach Andy Reid.

The Kansas City Chiefs have winning down to such a science, they are clearly bored. Humming along with a 13-1 record and the inside track to home-field advantage as they try to defend their Super Bowl title, they have resorted to silly antics to amuse themselves. A number of players, including starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes, have changed the profile pictures on their Instagram accounts to old pictures of their coaches or teammates.

Mahomes went right to the top, using a photo of head coach Andy Reid from when he was an offensive lineman at BYU 40 years ago. The coach actually appreciated it, and he liked seeing the younger version of himself in such a high-profile setting, since Mahomes has over 1.5 million followers. “I told Patrick, ‘Thanks for making me feel young for one more day,’” the 62-year-old Reid said in an interview with ESPN. “That was great. I had hair and the whole deal, actually veins in the arm. That’s not bad.”

It builds camaraderie, and with the NFL being such a copycat league, 31 other teams might be doing it by the weekend. “The fact that they feel comfortable doing that I think is important,” Reid said. “The more you like the people you’re around, the better the atmosphere and the more you want to come to work and get yourself better.”

Kudos to the Chiefs. It’s kind of a lame pastime, but it sure beats the pastimes of so many other players and teams, which have included doing cocaine, fighting and getting arrested.

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