Organized Crime In Prime Time! Valuetainment Studios And Patrick Bet-David Bring Sammy “The Bull” Gravano And Michael Franzese Together For Explosive 10-Part Series.

For the first time, legendary mafiosos Sammy “The Bull” Gravano and Michael Franzese sat at a table, together, at a top-secret location guarded with heavily armed security personnel as a palpable tension hung in the air like a layer of cumulous clouds rumbling and roaring before a mid-summer storm.   

The two crime bosses locked glazes into each other’s eyes with an intensity that could melt steel, a decades-long hatred built between the two that was impossible to ignore or prevent. 

As this happened, Valuetainment cameras were rolling, capturing every word, facial tick, and historic moment.  Patrick Bet-David sat at the head of this table, moderating a conversation that politicians, crime followers, mafia experts, and law enforcement never thought could happen. 

It did, and fans finally have the opportunity to watch the explosive 10-part series presented by Valuetainment Studios called “Mafia States of America.

Gravano and Franzese share details and stories of their lives running America’s most notorious crime families that have never, ever been told.  It is suspense, drama, and raw, bare-boned emotion and conflict that Hollywood could never begin to recreate.

These stories are real. They happened, and they are told by the men who ordered the hits and buried the bodies.  

All 10 episodes, plus bonus content, are available now for $39.99.

Bet-David deftly keeps the tension high throughout the conversations while keeping the peace between the lifelong rivals, as he extracts raw emotion out of the mafia leaders that make this must-see content. 

Rudy Giuliani provides context from his vantage point as the federal prosecutor assigned the task of attempting to stop Gravano and Franzese, and Oscar nominee Chazz Palminteri narrates the entire series, assuring every riveting episode flows seamlessly from one captivating story to the next. 

For an inside look, and to order the entire series plus bonus content for $39.99 now, go to

Mafia States of America

Executive Producer:  Patrick Bet David

Produced and Distributed by:   Valuetainment Studios

Narrator:      Chazz Palminteri

Director:    Gerard Michaels

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