Deliciously Stupid. A Mafia Fugitive Has The Perfect Recipe For Getting Arrested For Cocaine Trafficking.

Whether it was hubris, boredom or simply a lack of common sense, another criminal has found a way to be arrested.

This Italian mafia fugitive had been wanted since 2014 but, perhaps owing to an Italian influence, could not resist starting a YouTube cooking show with his wife – and that show is how police recognized him.

Marc Feren Claude Biart, an alleged cocaine trafficker, hid his face during the videos, BBC News reported, but those doggone tattoos gave him away.

The New York Posted quipped, “He was caught red-sauce-handed.”

Biart, 53, was apprehended in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic, by Italian police.

Biart had reportedly lived like a “ghost” among the large Italian community in Boca Chica, with locals just knowing him as “Marc,” Italy’s Calabria News outlet said.

According to Calabria News, Biart was shown being escorted by Interpol to a jet that took him to Milan. He was arrested as soon as the plane landed, according to the report.

The arrest of Biart was a major breakthrough for the specialist operation dubbed I-CAN, for Interpol Cooperation Against ‘Ndrangheta.

Biart moved the drugs in the Netherlands. He worked on behalf of the ‘Ndrangheta mafia, among the most powerful organized crime groups in the world, according to BBC News reports.

The ‘Ndrangheta, now more notorious than Sicily’s Cosa Nostra, is based in Calabria, Italy, and controls most of the cocaine entering Europe.

But in Italy, it’s now part of a major mafia trial, which began in January, and 355 people have been charged. According to AFP news agency, it took more than three hours to read defendants’ names in court.



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