How True Ballers Elevate Their Style Game! Louis Vuitton And The NBA Have Teamed Up To Help Fashion Flunkies Soar.

 Air travel is at its highest levels, by far, since the pandemic began exactly a year ago.  Offices are opening up for employees that want to come to work, wearing real clothes instead of their "Zoom Wardrobe" of sweatpants, a baseball hat and a three-day-old stubble.  Americans are getting back on the go, going out and living life. And you're going to see millions of people try to make up for lost time. Looking good is going to be a priority, but if your fashion game is lame fellas, take the easy way out. Copy what works! In this case, Louis Vuitton has made it easy for any wannabe baller to dress like an NBA star.   If you're fashion sense is worth 25 cents, don't worry.  A viable option to look amazing and turn heads as you do it is below...

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