“Let’s Go Shopping!” The Popular Phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” Now Has Its Very Own Store.

For fans of the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon,” there is now an entire store open in Massachusetts where you can grab all the perch you want. 

The retail outlet is open in North Attleboro, and it sells hats, shirts, and signs with the trendy phrase that came about at a NASCAR race earlier this year when a naive NBC reporter misunderstood the chant from the crowd that mocked Joe Biden. The crowd was shouting “F—- Joe Biden!” The reporter thought the crowd was saying, “Let’s go Brandon,” to honor the winner of the race. 

The phrase has taken on a life of its own. Memes, jokes, and comments began flowing immediately, and the chant became a mantra at college football games, primarily in the SEC. 

Like most things in America these days, the phrase has caused division.  A Democratic lawmaker from Tennessee named Gloria Johnson is so offended by the phrase that she said it is equivalent to burning the flag. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has had some fun with the phrase, as he chose Brandon, Florida as the sight for signing a new bill. “

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