LeBron In A Huff Over Bronny’s Puff! Word is King James Grounded His Son

It must have been a long 23 days for Bronny James, waiting and wondering what was going to happen once his father, LeBron James, came home from the NBA Bubble to address his 16-year-old son going viral for apparently smoking marijuana.

We don’t know what went down, but we know Bronny’s Monday plans went up in smoke.

The kid who has everything can have it all taken away, too. He appears to have been grounded, if his absence from a scheduled Esports livestream is any indication.

Bronny recently announced he was joining Esports organization FaZeClan and was slated to join NFL star Odell Beckham, Jr. for live-streamed Call of Duty play on Monday night, the day his father likely returned to California, from clinching an NBA title on Sunday, in Florida.

“Where is Bronny?” Beckham asked amid a gaming stream. “Wasn’t Bronny supposed to be here?”

A competitor responded, “Yeah, but he said he couldn’t today.”

“Oh, I wonder why,” Beckham said. “How is he? Ha.”

On September 19, while LeBron and his wife Savannah were at the Western Conference Finals, the Sierra Canyon High School freshman posted a 2-second video on his Instagram account with 5 million followers. The close-up on his face, looking directly into the camera, shows Bronny apparently taking a hit of marijuana in the dark. He later deleted it.

“Pray for Bronny,” one fan tweeted once LeBron was done winning the NBA title and NBA Finals MVP on Sunday.

Bronny, with his famous name and even more famous dad, is a curious, adventurous teen with a worldwide spotlight on him. LeBron is likely more upset about damage to his carefully protected image than the transgression of smoking.

Instead of a real high, Bronny hit a real low.


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