Larry Fitzgerald Vs Aaron Rodgers In The NBA Finals? The Two Future NFL Hall Of Famers Own A Piece Of The Teams Playing For An NBA Title.

The most interesting subplot in the NBA Finals will be the side wager made amongst future Pro Football Hall of Famers Larry Fitzgerald and Aaron Rodgers. 

The reason they will be so vested in the results is because they both own a piece of the teams playing for the title. 

Rodgers purchased 1% of the Milwaukee Bucks, and when he’s in Wisconsin during the off season he’s often sitting court-side at a game. It might be a little dicey for him with Wisconsin fans now when he comes back to the state, as he’s made it very clear he doesn’t want to play for the Green Bay Packers anymore. 

Fitzgerald is an Arizona sports treasure, having played for the Arizona Cardinals for 16 seasons, and he’s a longtime familiar face at Phoenix Suns game, partly because he owns a minority piece of equity in the NBA team.

While Rodgers won a Super Bowl title after leading the Pack to a championship in 2011 by beating the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Fitz has no hardware. His Cardinals lost to the Steelers in the Super Bowl in 2009, and he’s yet to decide if he will suit up again for another season. 

It’s the Phoenix Suns vs the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 1 of the NBA Finals Tuesday. 

ESPN should have the two famous minority owners play catch during halftime.  It would be far more exciting and entertaining than their NBA studio show. 

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