Landing The Biggest Whale In The Stream!  Netflix Makes Their Biggest Catch Yet, Signing New Partnership Deal With Steven Spielberg 

Netflix has been around for awhile, but you could now say they have officially arrived, doing something their competitors at Apple, Disney and Paramount couldn’t do: sign Steven Spielberg. 

The greatest and most accomplished film director of all time is taking his talents to Netflix, agreeing to have his company Amblin Partners produce multiple new features for Netflix every year. 

This is a huge deal on multiple fronts. The obvious one is Netflix taps into Spielberg’s talent, an incredible coup on its own. His presence on Netflix will keep his new films and productions off of other competitors, another home run. 

But the fact Spielberg has come around to accept Netflix is game changing because he was their most famous critic for years. Just two years ago in 2019 Spielberg even reportedly urged the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science to not allow films released on streamers to be considered for an Oscar. 

Again, that may or may not have happened, and Spielberg went out of his way to deny it, telling the New York Times “I want people to find their entertainment in any form or fashion that suits them. Big screen, small screen — what really matters to me is a great story and everyone should have access to great stories.”

Spielberg and Amblin have been linked with Universal for years, and they will continue to have a presence on the Universal lot and work under their production agreement with them. 

Word is Amblin will produce two films a year for Netflix for X amount of years, and Spielberg could personally direct some of them. 

Here’s what Ted Sarandos of Netflix said about signing Spielberg. “Steven is a creative visionary and leader and, like so many others around the world, my growing up was shaped by his memorable characters and stories that have been enduring, inspiring and awakening.We cannot wait to get to work with the Amblin team and we are honored and thrilled to be part of this chapter of Steven’s cinematic history.”

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