Joe Rogan Is The Most Popular Podcaster On Almost Every Corner Of Planet Earth. One Exception Apparently Is At Spotify, Where He Works. 

Joe Rogan has a contract that pays him more than $100 million and a huge following for his podcast, but there’s something he’s probably going to have to rule out ever accomplishing: being named Employee of the Month by Spotify. 

Especially, if it’s voted on by employees. Rogan’s style might not be fore everyone at Spotify, and a story in the New York Post revealed that there have been a total of 10 meetings with groups and individuals at Spotify where the bummed out co-workers were able to share the things they don’t like about their company being the exclusive home to the top podcast in the world. 

The loud minority of rankled workers even went so far as demanding that Rogan’s show receive editorial supervision. It’s not known who laughed at the idea harder, Rogan, or his bosses. Bottom line is it didn’t happen. 

Word is a fairly significant majority of employees understand the value of having “The Joe Rogan Experience,” and know it will be a magnet that attracts other top podcasts. 

In the meantime, Rogan should expect stern looks and potentially even eye-rolls in the hallway when he passes by some of the more ornery detractors of his if and when he visits Spotify headquarters.

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