What Was Your First Clue? Joe Biden Believes The Cable News Industry Is Partisan And “Heading South.”

President Joe Biden meets with members of the Infrastructure Implementation Task Force to discuss the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 20, 2022. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

We’ve confirmed that the White House does, in fact, get cable and satellite channels. 

So, if he chose to, Joe Biden would be able to watch cable television news shows almost any time he wants.  Heck, he could dial in MSNBC, Newsmax, Fox News, or CNN on Air Force One if he wished to. 

The President must have just decided to take a peek because he made a point of mentioning in his marathon press conference on Wednesday that he believes the quality of the shows on cable news has diminished. 

He also believes the content is a little partisan depending on what network is tuned in.

In comments that would not qualify as being very insightful, or how do I say this nicely… well informed, Biden chose his almost two-hour-long press conference to become a television critic. 

“One of the things I find fascinating is happening, and you all deal with it every day, and it will impact on how things move, is that a lot of the speculation and the polling data shows that the cables are heading south. They’re losing viewership.”

He followed that by saying that cable news viewers have “put themselves in certain alleys” by the coverage they watch, and viewers seek out echo chambers where pundits and commentators feed them with information that only reaffirms their political worldviews. 

Congratulations for being one of a handful of people that didn’t know that. He wasn’t done. 

“Again, I’m no expert in any of this, but I think you have to acknowledge is what gets covered now is necessarily a little bit different than what gets covered in the past. And it’s changed because of from everything from a thing called the internet. It’s changed because the way in which we have self-identified perspectives what channel you turn on, what network, what cable you look at. It’s never quite been like that.” 

Possible topics for Biden’s subsequent press conferences could be that he’s recently noticed:

  • JC Penny stores don’t seem to have the foot traffic they once did
  • The NFL team in Washington used to have a different nickname when he was Senator
  • If you put a quarter in a Coke machine nothing comes out
  • Larry King’s show doesn’t come on at 8:00 PM on CNN anymore

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