The G.O.A.T House – Jeter And Brady Lived Here. You Could Be Next.

Want to own a house with over 30,000 square feet, just to hold championship trophies?

Homeowner Derek Jeter is selling the house that VIP renter Tom Brady is currently living in, for $29 million. The mansion monstrosity that overlooks Hillsborough Bay in Tampa Bay has everything a five- or six-time world champion, or average, mega rich guy or gal would want. Seven bedrooms, a killer saltwater pool, gym, home theater and 16 bathrooms. That’s one bathroom for every world championship, MVP award and future Hall of Fame induction these two GOATS have combined for.

The world’s luckiest broker, Stephen Gay, who stands to make about $600K on the sale of this home told the New York Times that the builders of this house paid as much attention to detail as Brady does on studying a game plan. “The millwork and the custom paneling throughout the house is just spectacular. For us in Tampa, the craftsmanship that went into it was unheard of in this area,” Gay said.

Jeter built and moved into the house when he was wrapping up his playing career with the New York Yankees. The Tampa location made it convenient for Jeter during spring training and gave him a nice and warm winter home in the off-season. But now he’s living 280 miles away, running the Miami Marlins as co-owner and CEO.

Future buyers hoping to catch a glimpse of Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen sunbathing by the pool during an open house can wake up from their fantasy. The broker has worked out special viewing times when Brady and his family won’t be disturbed.

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