Apple Original Films Will Produce A Movie On The Rise & Fall Of Elizabeth Holmes And Theranos. Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Lots Of Black Turtlenecks, And A Very Low, Fake Voice.

This should be fun, just for the voice inflections alone. 

Apple Original Films will produce a feature film called “Bad Blood,” with Jennifer Lawrence in the starring role for a movie that will showcase the spectacular rise and fall of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes. 

Adam McKay will write, direct and produce the film, and it will be based on the book “Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in Silicon Valley” by John Carreyrou, the writer who broke the story initially. 

The trial of Holmes has been going on for over two months now.  She’s been charged with multiple counts of fraud and is facing over a decade in prison if convicted. 

There’s no question this has the potential to be a great movie. There was so much hype around Holmes as she launched her blood-testing company and became the youngest self-made billionaire of all time. 

However, there was a problem; the company was essentially a house of cards and did not have the capabilities to test blood as they claimed, and everything fell apart as Holmes stepped down as CEO in 2018. The company went under later the year. 

There’s a race to get Theranos and Holmes-influenced films on the screen.  Hulu greenly a series a couple of years ago and signed funny woman Kate McKinnon to play Holmes.  McKinnon bailed on the project and was replaced by Amanda Seyfried.

If you can’t wait for Hollywood to get these projects down, there is an HBO documentary on Holmes and Theranos that came out in 2019 that was pretty good. 

Say this for the many big budget productions getting ready to tell this story. They won’t have to spend much on wardrobe for Holmes’ character since she wore the same combo of a black turtleneck and black pants every day. 

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