Jeff Lopes, business coach, gives valuable insights on being an entrepreneur dad

Jeff Lopes
Jeff Lopes

Few entrepreneurs can manage to achieve the success they always dreamed of after being a father. Meet Jeff Lopes, who has launched a new course Mans Purpose, a brotherhood for entrepreneur dads. He has also been quoted by numerous international magazines for his influence on father entrepreneurs.

Many fathers don’t know the necessary actions to balance their work and family life. According to Jeff, anyone at any stage can create the life and business of their wildest dream. Starting at the young of 19, Jeff has gained more than 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship which he now shares via different media, podcasts, newsletters, books, and courses.

During his entrepreneurship journey, he saw many entrepreneurs struggling to balance family and business. An individual can maintain or even grow the business when he can reduce work stress. This can be achieved by focusing on the important tasks at the beginning of work. Based in Toronto, Jeff Lopes (business coach) advises father entrepreneurs to never take the challenges and hustle of work back home at the end of the work day, and learn how to master separating both.

In a busy schedule, father entrepreneurs often forget their responsibilities toward their family. The course “Mans Purpose” which Jeff launches, outlines the aspects that are needed to create harmony within their family while working in their own business. Furthermore, it opens up a safe place to a brotherhood for entrepreneur dads and teaches the skills needed to achieve a higher level of success on both sides.

His book Entrepreneur Dad gives an insight about how to achieve a successful business and enjoying quality time with their family, while building lifelong memories. It is a tool that can help father entrepreneurs to overcome their fear and struggle about fulfilling the family’s expectations while running a growing business.

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