It’s On! Twitter Lawyers Up And Musk Blasts Back With Tweets And Memes As Takeover Battle Lines Are Set.

(AP Photo/John Raoux, File)

Even though Elon Musk will likely never own Twitter, he will use it to mock and ridicule Twitter execs as the soap opera over his attempted purchase of the social media giant appears to have blown up. 

He was active on Monday, sending some targeted tweets at the blue bird for taking him to court for backing out of the $44 billion takeover that had been in the works for weeks. 

Musk used some strategic memes to share his feelings, and it’s apparent that he thinks Twitter’s aggressive actions will backfire on them. 

How?  He posted a series of comments with images of him laughing.  The comments were:

“They Said I couldn’t Buy Twitter.”

“Then They Wouldn’t Disclose Bot Info.”

“Now They Want to Force Me To Buy Twitter In Court.”

“Now They Have To disclose Bot Info In Court.”

The final comment featured a photo of Musk laughing so hard his head tilted backward. 

He wasn’t done.  Later he posted a meme of Chuck Norris playing a game of chess. He captioned it, “Checkmate.”

On Sunday, Twitter hired a big-time law firm based in Delaware to sue Musk for backing out of the deal. Watchell, Lipton Rosen & Katz plans to file a suit this week. They should also make plans to be ridiculed in some way by Musk. 

Twitter lists its corporate headquarters in Delaware, and by using this law firm, they can have their suit heard in Delaware’s chancery courts, where the proceedings are overseen by chancellors who act as judges. These courts don’t order punitive damages and cases go to trial much quicker than in other states. 

Musk lawyered up with Emanual Urquhart & Sullivan LLP. 

It will be a fun fight to watch, and the Twitter board of directors appears confident they will prevail. 

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