It’s A Seller’s Market On Earth Right Now, Especially In The U.S.  So How About Buying A Home On The Moon?

Location is everything in real estate, and right now the Sea of Rains is the most desirable part of the Moon for earthlings considering re-locating. 

But don’t think you can just start searching for three bedroom ramblers or five bedroom mini mansions on Zillow or Trulia. No, this would be new construction only, and the first thing you’d need to do is apply for a land license, and no all licenses have approved planning permission so there could be impending issues surrounding the Outer Space Treaty of 1967.

So, the point here is to read the fine print!

As ridiculous as it sounds on the surface, a new study by broke down the costs to build a house on the Moon if you were so inclined. In fact, the study was able to lay out an actual guide on how to apply for a mortgage in space…

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