Isn’t That Rich! Cat Fight Amongst Billionaires, As Elon Musk Mocks Bill Gates And Jeff Bezos. 

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are collectively worth about $260 billion. Still, that fortune can’t hide the fact that they are essentially well-funded, self-serving nerds, which Elon Musk hilariously highlighted when he put out a Twitter poll. 

Musk wanted to know whom his followers trusted less; politicians or billionaires. It’s up to over four million responses, and the runaway leader is politicians at 75.7% compared to 24.3% of the vote going for billionaires. 

That’s not the most interesting part of the story.  Earlier, Musk trolled progressive Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez yet again by asking her to ask her followers the same trust question. She didn’t take the bait. An author named Brigette Gamble tweeted that she did not trust Gates, so Musk took the bait and went in on the Microsoft founder again for essentially being a fraud when it comes to environmental issues. 

“Since Gates still has a multi-billion dollar short position against Tesla while claiming to help with global warming, I guess I have some trust issues with him too.”

Regarding that short, Musk said that because of the success of Tesla stock, Gates could lose even more money. “It was $500M, but then Tesla went up a lot, so now it’s $1.5B to $2B to close it out.”

Next on the hit list; Jeff Bezos.  A user asked Musk if he thought Bezos was a good person.

“He’s fine, I guess. Does seem like he’s spending a lot of time in the hot tub these days. If he wants to get to orbit, less partying and more work would be advisable.”

Hot tubbing. Picking out his girlfriend’s outfits. Doing arm curls. Buying cowboy hats to wear after his Blue Origin lands concluding a “space flight.” That’s really all you have to do if you want when you’re worth $133 billion.  

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