Is The Rock A Big Fat Liar? Mega Star Claims To Have Never Eaten An In & Out Burger Until This Week. 

The Rock is famous for many things, including his epic cheat meals that he posts on Instagram after a week of watching his waistline. Earlier this week, he posted a video to his 330+ million followers that showed him crushing some grub at In & Out, the fast food institution in Southern California.  

His caption read: “A #cheatmealsunday for the history books. My first time ever eating innout🍔.” 

Really?  As a WWE star for a decade, you never once rolled through an In-N-Out in LA, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, or anywhere else? I find that literally impossible to believe. 

He revealed more about his caloric frenzy and, of course, found a way to slip in a subtle plug for one of his products, in this case, his tequila. 

“A solid start with a bite of good fries 🍟 as we know s–tty fries can ruin the whole experience.”

“[I paired] the main course with a (quite delicious) combo pour of @TeremanaBlanco & @TeremanaReposado; as founder, I make up the tequila rules 😁🥃.”

No word on whether it was the first time The Rock drank tequila. Or ate ketchup. Or used a napkin. Or saw a straw. Or realized French fries have salt. Or spoke to an employee in a drive-through. Or used a big red tray to carry his food. 

He loved his “first ever” experience with In N Out and used extra emojis on his final IG post. 

“This cheeseburger connoisseur will now add In & Out to ‘the list’ 🍔📝. “Enjoy your cheat meals, my friends.”

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