U.S. Intelligence Reports Says There’s Something Out There. They Just Have No Clue What It Is.

The image from video provided by the Department of Defense labelled Gimbal, from 2015, an unexplained object is seen at center as it is tracked as it soars high along the clouds, traveling against the wind. “There's a whole fleet of them,” one naval aviator tells another, though only one indistinct object is shown. “It's rotating." The U.S. government has been taking a hard look at unidentified flying objects, under orders from Congress, and a report summarizing what officials know is expected to come out in June 2021. (Department of Defense via AP)

We might not be alone in the universe.

Yeah, no kidding. But we still can’t say for sure.

The latest frustration on UFOs comes via American intelligence officials, who filed a report concluding that no evidence of aerial phenomena witnessed by Navy pilots in recent years exists that would point to alien spacecraft.

So, what are they? Uh, we don’t know.

So, how do you experts explain the never-before-seen maneuvers captured on video? Uh, we don’t know.

Senior administration officials briefed on the findings of the government report told the New York Times those findings revealed most of the 120-plus incidents covering 20 years were not U.S. government or military.

So, those Navy pilots were not, according to the report, experiencing interaction with any secret government programs.

Senior officials told the Times that the report couldn’t conclude much of anything – and that leaves wide open the idea that the mysteries will continue to gain credence.

An unclassified version of the report is expected to be released to Congress by June 25.

One benefit to being the U.S. president is the access to UFO files.

Former President Barack Obama told CBS’ “The Late Late Show with James Corden” his view is similar to that of the country’s perception now.

“What is true, and I’m actually being serious here,” Obama said, “is that there is footage and records of objects in the skies that we don’t know exactly what they are.’’

According to the Times, intelligence officials believe some aerial phenomena could be tech Russia or China – perhaps experimenting with hypersonic technology, a development that officials say would be disturbing because that would reflect a widening gap between the U.S. and its fellow global powers.

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