Inflate-Gate! The High Cost Of Inflation Is Making Super Bowl Parties Much More Expensive.

Inflation is everywhere, and it’s going to raise its ugly head on Super Bowl Sunday.  For anyone shopping for a big Super Bowl party, be prepared for some sticker shock at the grocery store because prices will be up about 14% from a year ago. 

Wells Fargo did the math, breaking down the areas that will see the most significant increases. 

Let’s start with beef – up 13%.  The steak will cost you 21% more than last year. 

If you want to save money, go with hot dogs and potato chips because they only rose 1%. 

You’d think the cost of beer might drive you to drink, but beer and wine prices were only about 4% in 2021. 

Soda is a different story, up 12%. 

So there you go, food costs are up this year, thanks to inflation.  If I can offer one bit of good news, watching the game is free. If you were in LA looking for a ticket, they start at about $7,000 and you don’t get to see all the good Super Bowl commercials on NBC if you are inside SoFi Stadium. 

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