Imagine The Lines For The Bathroom? An Artist Conceptualizes A One Million Seat Stadium!

Some people dream big, and others dream really, really big.

Put artist Paul Pfeiffer in that second category.  He released a blueprint for constructing a rather large sports stadium—one where the nosebleed seats might actually give you a real nosebleed.  

Pfeiffer calls it a “Vitruvian Figure.”  A 10-foot mock-up of a soccer stadium resembling the 110,000-seat stadium in Sydney, Australia, which hosted the 2000 Olympics.  The difference is that his vision seats one million people.

Is it practical? Not really. 

Is it realistic?  Hardly. 

Is it kind of ridiculous?  Sure. 

Is his rendering cool? You’re darn right!

It’s one thing to create a mockup. It’s another to find the land, the materials, and the available parking to accommodate what would be equivalent to the population of Kansas City and Atlanta.  Combined!

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