If You Feel 2020 Has Beaten You Down And Damaged The Psyche Of The Country, You’re Not Alone. A New Study Details The Red, White And Blues.

Unless your name is Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk, 2020 will certainly not go down as one of the best years ever. In fact, a new nationwide poll finds that eight in 10 Americans believe 2020 has fueled an identity crisis for our country, while almost seven out of 10 respondents said the year had left them feeling defeated.

The survey conducted by OnePoll found that 68% of those questioned said they are ending 2020 feeling despondent, with 65% claiming to have experienced a personal crisis.

The survey of 2,000 also said 77% of Americans agreed with the statement that claimed 2020 has caused an “existential crisis” for the country.

Sixty-three percent of respondents placed blame for the bad year on COVID-19, while 45% said the related issue of restrictions and lockdowns had further led to their distress. The presidential election also weighed heavily on people, with 45% saying the battle for the White House played a role in their mental state.

The areas of defeat also correlated with health and fitness as more than 50% of those polled said that they felt too overwhelmed to take care of their health, while also struggling to find a wellness routine. The lockdowns of fitness and wellness centers throughout the pandemic certainly would fuel those results.

As for Bezos, the poll had absolutely nothing to do with him, but this year has certainly been one to remember. The Amazon founder has increased his wealth by almost 80% during the pandemic, becoming $90 billion richer. That’s definitely a “Prime” reason for many of us to feel defeated.

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