Identity Theft! Jack In The Box Sues Crypto Exchange FTX For Stealing Jack’s Look.

Say this about the marketing department for cryptocurrency exchange FTX – they must be vegetarians. 

It is hard to fathom how they thought they could get away with creating a mascot that looks almost identical to “Jack,” the famous pitchman for burger joint Jack in the Box. 

Jack in the Box is not messing around, and they filed a lawsuit claiming FTX ripped off the look of Jack, which has been around for 70 years!  If you subscribe to cable, you’ve seen the clever Jack in the Box commercials featuring Jack. 

FTX is calling their guy “Moon Man.” It made its debut during Major League Baseball playoff games this fall. 

You can take one look at Moon Man and think he might have been separated at birth from Jack.  I mean, come on, FTX, could you have not gotten a little more creative for your guy?

They have very similar head shapes, eyes, and smiles.  Here’s wording from the lawsuit. 

“Rather than spending its vast financial resources to develop its own intellectual property, FTX brazenly and illegally copied or derived its ‘Moon Man’ mascot from JITB’s Jack.”

FTX is valued at $18 billion, so they probably are feeling a little cocky, but a judge or jury might find the looks of the dueling mascots a little too similar. 

FTX partnered with MLB during the playoffs and put Moon Many behind home plate at games so TV cameras would catch him.

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