Iconic Business Leader Who Invented Sweet’N Low Commits Suicide By Jumping From His Park Avenue High Rise.

The chances are high you have no idea who Donald Tober is, but there’s an even better chance you are aware of what he did during his legendary professional career.  The 89-year old New Yorker was responsible for making the artificial sweetener Sweet’N Low something that is on almost every restaurant table around the country.

Tober was the CEO and co-owner of Sugar Foods, a company that employed over a thousand people, and at one point commanded more than 80 percent of the market for sugar substitutes.

Tragically,Tober had been fighting was was called a devastating disease, and despite still be active at his advanced age, the wealthy business legend committed suicide by jumping from his Upper East Side, Luxury Park Avenue apartment building.  He was found dead in the courtyard of the building.

Tober was a graduate of Harvard Law School, and at one time served as chairman of The Culinary Institute of America.  He also co-founded City Meals-on-Wheels.

His wife Barbara served as the editor-in-chief of Brides Magazine.

Tober’s former business partner Steve Odell told Restaurant News Magazine that if not for the work and drive of Tober, Sweet’N Low would not be the household name it is today. “Don’s had as much to do with building Sweet’N Low into a household name as anyone ever has with a product. Every packet of Sweet’N Low sold today can be traced back to a single sales call that he probably made or at least had a part in.”

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