How Much Would It Cost To Own All 6 Chicago Bulls Championship Rings? Ask This Guy.

It’s always nice to add to one’s jewelry collection.

And one ring each from all six Chicago Bulls NBA titles sold at auction Thursday night. Total price for the six rings: $255,840.

The rings belonged to the estate of John Capps, a longtime Bulls security guard who passed away in 2018 at the age of 88. They were available by bid Oct. 9-22 via Huggins & Scott Auctions.

A rep for Capps’ estate told USA Today Sports that the rings had “little sentimental value to the heirs.” The money will be divided among Capps’ 11 heirs, according to an amended order declaring heirship reviewed by USA Today Sports.

The rings commemorating the final two titles, in 1997 and 1998, fetched the highest winning bid. Here’s the full list:

1991: $39,360

1992: $47,970

1993: $45,510

1996: $24,600

1997: $49,200

1998: $49,200

Bidding opened at $5,000 apiece.

Capps was a Chicago police officer who worked as part of a police escort in a parade when the Bulls franchise was born in 1966. He had a part in the popular documentary “The Last Dance.”

Days before the 2020 premiere, Bulls star Scottie Pippen revealed how Michael Jordan good-naturedly hustled Capps out of $100 every game, betting on the winner of a jumbotron race after having been told the results in advance by the arena video crew.

The auction site quoted NBA icon Jerry Colangelo, an assistant and scout during the Bulls’ first couple of seasons, upon Capps’ death in 2018: “Capps was part of that scene when we started the Bulls. He was there front and center. He was part of the whole picture in terms of our presentation. We felt he was a part of the team like a coach, a player.”

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