How Low Can Joe Go? To Record Levels Apparently, As New Polls Shows The 79-Year Old Biden’s Approval Rating At A Disastrous 33%.

. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

A .333 average in Major League Baseball will get a hitter into the All-Star Game and, if he keeps it up for a decade, into the Hall of Fame.

For a sitting President, that average will put you in the unemployment line and position to have your own party turn on you. 

The New York Times released a new poll that revealed voters around the U.S. think Joe Biden is doing such an anemic job as President that his job-approval rating is a mind-numbingly low 33%.  It’s almost impossible to comprehend how poorly you would have to perform to receive a number that low.  

Well, Joe is undoubtedly earning it. Americans are concerned about the economy, inflation, and security; you name it. The one thing Biden has proven to be very good at is blaming others, and he did that again Monday, saying it was the Republican’s fault that the economy is where it is. 

Rational, logical people do not buy his act anymore.  Only 13% percent of American voters felt that the country is on the right track.  The Times has never recorded a number that low for a President. 

In another sign that the elderly President is in trouble with his own party, only 26% of Democratic voters polled said the party should renominate him again in 2024, which could create an interesting conflict since he has said that even at the age of 81 in two years, he plans to give it another go. 

Biden is struggling to connect with younger voters, which is a kind way of saying he is utterly inept at it. The survey said 94% of Dems under 30 prefer a different presidential nominee. 

Oh, and as for the COVID crisis? Fewer than 1% of voters listed that as the nation’s number one problem. 

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