What Can You Get For $295 Million?  A House In Los Angeles That Took 10 Years To Build. 

When a house has a name, you know there might be something special about it.  A mega-mansion in Los Angeles but by real estate developer Nile Niami has been dubbed “The One Bel-Air.”

The reason for the special monicker is because it is listed for $295 million and is believed to be the biggest modern home in the United States. 

The details of this monstrosity are incredible. It comes with 21 bedrooms and 42 bathrooms. 

The sky deck alone is 10,000 square feet. 

You better love wine if you buy this house because if you don’t, that 10,000 bottle wine cellar will look pretty out of place. The home also has a private nightclub, salon, bowling alley, putting green, and because this is LA, a 40-person movie theater. 

Here’s the craziest thing about the house; Niami was hoping to sell it for $500 million, but now it’s sitting at a bargain-basement price almost 50% below that. 

If you’re interested, act fast. It went on sale Friday and will go up for auction February 7-10.

(Photos by Marc Angeles)

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