Home Work. Nissan Has Turned One Of Their Popular Minivans Into A Very Cool Mobile Home Office.

Millions Americans have been forced to work from home since the inception of the coronavirus pandemic. Many of them have to be completely sick of it by now.

While it’s easy to not miss long commutes and annoying co-workers who steal your leftovers out of the company breakroom, there are many aspects of a corporate life that a large number of workers want to get back.

That’s where Nissan is stepping in with a new vehicle that is tailor made for people that want the best of both worlds.  The NV350 Caravan Office Pod is basically a Nissan minivan that has been modified to contain all the comforts of your home office.

Let’s start with a slide-out workspace area that contains a built-in desk, fancy chair, and even a transparent floor that looks nothing like the worn out carpeting inside your home office or den.

There’s a coffee machine built in, and if you need a change of scenery, there’s a an upstairs balcony for you to escape to. The upstairs balcony is literally connected with an interior staircase. The balcony comes with its own lounge chair that sits on the sundeck on the roof of the van in case you want to read a book and grab some rays during your lunch break.

The vehicle is currently a concept that was created for the Tokyo Auto Salon, which is the virtual version of the car show that was cancelled because of the pandemic.

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