Here’s the 411 on Police Defunding Activate Milano’s Call to 911

Alyssa Milano attends the premiere of "Bombshell" at Regency Village Theatre on Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Actress Alyssa Milano, who starred in a hit show in the ’80s, has kept herself relevant by being an outspoken activist in the era of social media. With 3 million followers on Instagram and 4 million more on Twitter, she has used her platform to put the likes of Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein on heated blast. Having a sharable opinion on nearly every social issue imaginable, Milano most recently put in her two cents about defunding the police.

Being an outspoken proponent of cutting the thin blue line seemed like a good idea when she was safely pecking away on her smartphone — until Milano and her neighbors needed the police to respond in full force. Someone living along Milano’s street spotted a man holding a rifle walking in the area. Instead of relying on the neighborhood watch or maybe a team of social workers or psychiatrists to disarm the situation, residents dialed 9-1-1, including Milano’s husband, who called to inquire how soon the cops would arrive.

Turns out, the potential “active shooter” situation was a neighbor with an air rifle out shooting squirrels — but the entire incident gave “Who’s the Boss?” haters all the ammunition they needed to call out Milano for her hypocrisy.

Speaking on “The View,” the actress said the incident will not be a silencer for her on the issue of defunding. She said the police response to her neighborhood is the exact kind of thing that police should be responding to.

“Of course, I will always support the police coming in and making communities safe, but what we would also love to see is equally trained non-police professionals respond to things like addiction and mental health issues and nonviolent events so that these brave police officers can do their jobs that they’re so good at doing, that they demonstrated at our house,” said the actress.

That response once again put Milano in the sights of Twitter trolls and her former co-star Rose McGowan.

“Who is the Leader of Karens? Alyssa Milano,” tweeted McGowan in response to a headline that read, in part, “Alyssa Milano calls 911.” “Karen” is a pejorative term that describes a demanding, middle-aged White woman who displays a sense of overbearing entitlement in various societal confrontations. Charmed, I’m sure.


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