Having A Ball On The Wall. CNN’s John King Irked Some Viewers With How Much “Fun” He Was Having.

“Fun” for most people is defined as a spa day. A home-team win. A night out with friends.

What America was going through Tuesday night was hardly enjoyable for most people not named John King.

The CNN chief national correspondent was on a nonstop roll for several hours on the touchscreen “magic wall,” breaking down scenarios and updating electoral votes as the presidential election unfolded into the wee hours. But his zeal for it was a bit too much for many viewers, as King continually referred to how much “fun” it was.

“This is fun,” King said in a phrase that could’ve become a drinking game for viewers.

The Twitterverse wasn’t feeling the fun amid the hand-wringing based on whichever allegiance voters had.

“If John King keeps saying this is fun I’m going to scream,” @AlexGKai tweeted.

“John King and I have VERY different interpretations of what fun is,” @jdwickie tweeted.

“He’s all ‘this is fun’ as I try to breathe on my couch,” @GillianECarroll tweeted.

Even CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer looked like he didn’t share in King’s fun. King was going so hard and so long that he probably had his hands on his knees between camera hits. He was like Mel Kiper Jr. on ESPN on NFL Draft night. And then King was back for more Wednesday morning.

“Dat boy John King been on his feet since 7 p.m. No chair, no Gatorade, no arch support. CNN cold blooded. Get that man a stool or one of them rolling office chairs,” Roy Wood of “The Daily Show” tweeted.

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