Hats Off To Jon Gruden. The Raiders Coach Pays Homage To The Oakland And Las Vegas Versions On Thursday Night Football.

The Thursday Night NFL game between the Raiders and Chargers was a thriller. An exceptional game considering it featured two teams who won’t make the playoffs.  The Chargers won 30-27 in overtime, but the biggest story after the game had nothing to do with what happened on the field.The biggest star in the game, Raiders coach Jon Gruden, caused the biggest stir for a little mixup he had with his hats.

At the beginning of the game Gruden was rocking a black Raiders hat. A black Oakland Raiders hat. The franchise is officially in Las Vegas, and after the snafu was pointed out to Gruden, he made the switch, and wore his Las Vegas Raiders cap. “I apologize for not having the right hat on. Somebody played a pretty good trick on me,” Gruden said after the game.

It turns out, somebody literately did play a prank on Gruden, switching the hat for some unknown reason. For anyone that knows Gruden, he’s not exactly an aficionado of game day shenanigans. Close ups of Gruden on the sideline showcased the blunder to the world, and social media had a field day with it of course.

Gruden coached the Raiders in Oakland from 1998-2001, and then again in 2018 an 2019 before the franchise moved to Vegas.

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