“Greetings, What Can I Mix For You In 90-Seconds.” Robot Bartenders In Beijing Are Serving Cocktails For Olympic Guests.

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics have begun, and if you are not there, consider yourself lucky to just watch them on television. 

It doesn’t seem like there’s anything desirable or enjoyable about being there, from the dystopian bubble they’ve created because of COVID to the threat of having all your data hacked on your personal cell phone to the hassles of foreign travel.  It seems like a nightmare, and few Americans even bothered to try to go. 

But, for those there, they can experience firsthand the bizarreness in person. 

Two that caught our eye are how drinks are served in bars in Beijing. If a human is doing it, the bartender is dressed in a full hazmat suit.  Head to toe, covered. 

In some instances, drinks are served by robots. Word is thee robotic mix masters can serve a cocktail in 90 seconds.

Do you have to tip the robot?  Maybe they are on to something there. 

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