Hell’s Kitchen Is Moving To Texas. Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant Empire Will Shift From California To Texas.

FILE - This July 24, 2019 file photo shows chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay posing for a portrait to promote his National Geographic television series "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted," in Beverly Hills, Calif. Stay-at-home orders, traveling fears and the cancellation of sporting events, concerts and theme parks have forced the Make-a-Wish foundation to come to a stand-still, leaving young people’s requests in holding patterns. The charity has introduced “Messages of Hope,” encouraging the public and celebrities to record inspiring messages and upload them to social media, and so far, stars like Ramsay have already participated.(Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File)

The exodus of famous business owners leaving California continues.  

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is the latest to bail on the Golden State, fleeing Cali and moving his restaurant headquarters to Las Colinas, Texas, in the Dallas Metroplex. The host of “Hell’s Kitchen” plans to expand and open 18 new restaurants around the country, including in big cities like Boston, Miami, and Chicago. 

The five-year plan for Ramsay and the company is even more ambitious, as they plan on opening a total of 75 new sites. 

The ambitious plans for this vast new expansion come on the heels of a very rough two-year stretch.  A report earlier in the year by Insider said Ramsay’s biz lost $80 million worth of turnover during the pandemic. 

Here’s what told The Sun earlier in 2021. 

“The impact of the pandemic has been “incredibly costly.” I get criticized for being wealthy, but the responsibility on my shoulders — the livelihoods at stake — is huge.”

No word yet if Ramsay himself will make the move to Texas, but his corporate employees will do it shortly and roll up their sleeves to expand the brand across North America. 

Seventy-five new restaurants is a big number.  CEO Norman Abdallah knows what one of his biggest challenges will be as the rollout commences. 

“We want to be very careful not to dilute the brand, and the brand is Gordon.”

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