Google Is Letting Employees Work From Home. Could That Be A Reason For All Their Technical Problems And Shutdowns?

The big tech companies like Facebook, Google and Apple have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on fancy and spectacular corporate campuses. Talk about a waste of money. Most have all but completely shut down since the pandemic began in March. Take Twitter, for instance; they told their employees to work from home forever if they want.

Facebook is offering employees $2,000 to invest in a home office.

Google is also getting used to not having to make small talk with employees in the hallways or outside cubicles. They initially said they wouldn’t require workers to come back to the office until the summer of 2021, but now they’ve amended that, delaying the office return until September 2021, at the earliest.

That gives leadership time to continue to work on what appears to be a progressive new plan for the company, which includes more hub offices that give employees more options of where they want to live and work. Business Insider reported that Google is piloting a hybrid model of work requiring employees to only come to the office three days a week for “collaboration day” and spend the rest of the week working at home.

You wonder if all this working from home has something to do with the frequent shutdowns the company is having.

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