Free Food, Transportation And Massages! The World-Famous Perks Are All Coming Back (Eventually) For Googlers As They Return To Office.

In the 2013 movie “The Internship,” Vince Vaughn’s character, who was playing a grown-up intern at Google was mesmerized by the fact he could order any and all food he wanted, for free, at the Google cafeteria. 

Hollywood fiction, or a real depiction of what some of the perks are like when you work at Goggle headquarters and major offices around the world?

Oh, it’s very real, and the goodies are coming back for Googlers very soon, as in later this month, when employees start coming back to the office. 

Here’s a little update from headquarters about what they can expect. The free food and buses to haul people around campus are scheduled to resume, the gyms should be open,  but unfortunately, stressed out Googlers who didn’t sleep well the night before will not be able to partake in the free massages they may have gotten used to pre-pandemic. 


David Radcliffe is one of the Google Executives who has one of those cool sounding, alt job titles, he’s the VP of real estate and workplace services, and he sent out a memo to the entire staff that Business Insider got their hands on. 

In the memo he revealed Googlers can voluntarily go back to the office July 12, and hopefully, the massage therapists will be able to start working their magic again when by September 1, when things really open up. 

The memo also said that workers or are unvaccinated, or don’t disclose if they’ve received the vaccine, are allowed to work at the office but they must wear masks and have weekly COVID testing. 

In other words, they will stand out more prominently on campus than an employee wearing an “I love Bing” hoodie and matching propellor hat. 

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