“We’re Not Going To Take You’re Crap Anymore!” After A Year Of Sifting Through All Sorts Of Junk Disguised As “Donations,” Goodwill Stores Speak Out.

A person walking a dog looks inside a closed Goodwill store in Berkeley, Calif., Tuesday, March 9, 2021. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

With all the extra time on their hands the past year during COVID, many Americans went through their homes and garages and cleared out all the stuff that they don’t want anymore. 

Nobody knows that better than the Goodwill stores around the country, who were bombarded with crap that people have been dropping off at locations all over. 

Now, after a year of sorting and ultimately bidding rid of the trash that people have been “donating” Goodwill has a message for people that essentially goes like this; we’re not taking your crap anymore!

Broken furniture, stained, old, ugly clothes, Barbie dolls with missing links, puzzle sets that don’t have all the pieces, go ahead and throw it in the trash. 

Actually, they said it much, much nicer than that, because they depend on good-hearted donations year-round and don’t want people to stop bringing by things that are still in usable shape. 

In fact, most of the stuff is fine, and they can find a new home for it, but they do want to slow down the barrage of contributions that feature items that would be more suited for a landfill. 

One Goodwill employee named Megan Fink told the AP that awareness is the key, and he wants people to know what will not be warmly received.

“I’m careful not to shake my finger at donors because without them, we wouldn’t have a business model. But we are trying to educate.”

Stores in Wisconsin and Illinois have reported that they have received a higher than normal donation of flammable and hazardous items. Lead, acid batteries anyone?

How about a little common sense here people. One Goodwill store manager named Heather Steeves  had this bit of advice for when you are trying to determine if an item should be dropped off. 

“If you wouldn’t give it to your judge mother-in-law, then don’t don’t it.”

Now Heather, there are a lot of people who don’t get along with their mother-in-law, so you might want to find a different analogy. 

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