Going Postal. Post Malone To Perform A Virtual Reality Concert Hosted By Meta. 

Post Malone performs at the Reading Music Festival, in Reading, England, Saturday, Aug. 28, 2021. (AP Photo/Scott Garfitt)

Remember when Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook was all in on the metaverse? He wasn’t kidding. 

Post Malone is set to showcase his brand new album exclusively for Meta in a virtual reality concert that will live as a 40-minute concert film called Twelve Carat Toothache; A VR Experience. It will premiere in Venues within Horizon Worlds, which is a free VR app accessible via Meta Quest headsets. 

Why Meta? Why now? Here’s what Post Malone told Billboard. 

“What really appealed to me was Meta being a great partner and allowing us to go absolutely nuts to create some of the most epic s—-t ever. It’s just a really cool, really different way to experience the album. Opening and listening to a new album had always been an experience for me, and now with VR and what Meta is doing, it’s taking the meaning of an album experience to another level.”

It premieres on July 15 and will also be aired through Malone’s Instagram and Facebook. 

After the VR concerns, he’s going on actual stages, in front of real people, joining Red Hot Chili Peppers on a tour of Australian stadiums.

Oh, the new album for Malone is supposed to be pretty good. Here’s what a critic for NME said. 

“It’s a record that feels distinctively, inimitably him and succeeds in his goal of sharing his truth. Couple that with his recent comments that he’s also found happiness, and it seems like everything is back on the up for Post Malone.”

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