Going For Gold. NBC Will Be Printing Money, Raking In Half A Billion In One Day Thanks To The Olympics And Super Bowl.

Do you know why television networks spend billions on the rights to carry NFL games?  Because they make billions. It’s a way to legally print money, and America can’t get enough of professional football. 

There is no content, no programming that can compare to NFL football.

Want proof? 91 of the 100 highest-rated television shows in 2021 were football games. That’s not dominance; that’s simply not fair.

And games and the drama only seem to get better weekly.

NBC picked the right year to be the network with the rights to televise the Super Bowl because commercials sold at a record price, the game will be in Los Angeles for the first time in almost 30 years, and most importantly, the Peacock Network is going to make a freaking fortune.

Why? Because the Super Bowl aligns at the same time with the Winter Olympics, and on February 13, Super Bowl Sunday, NBC has renamed “Super Gold Sunday” because the ad revenue they will make on that one day could pay for a new Jeff Bezos yacht.

On this one day, NBC is expected to bank $500 million in revenue. For one day.

Here’s how.  They will air live Olympics coverage until noon Eastern before switching to roughly a six-hour pregame programming block for the Super Bowl. Then after the game is over, they will air a 75-minute show that features ice dancing.

Half a billion dollars in ad revenue for one day. Not bad.

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