If All You Want For Christmas Is Two Front Teeth, That Should Be Doable. But Toys, Electronics, Cars, Shoes And Other Popular Items Will Be In Short Supply.

There are daily stories about the global supply chain debacle. Here’s another. 

We constantly hear about items and products that are either running low or completely out of stock, simply because they can’t arrive here in the United States. 

There’s also a lot of chatter about Christmas shopping being a nightmare because toys, electronics, shoes, clothes and items that are usually in high demand won’t be available. 

But how about a little more detail about what specifically is on the endangered list when it comes to your Christmas list. 

I mean we are less than three weeks from Halloween, a month and a half to Thanksgiving and two and half months from Christmas. 

Here’s one of the latest issues that is causing new headaches. Factories in Asia and Europe have had to shut down or reduce capacity because of an energy crisis. In China alone over 60 companies have had to deal with disruptions and that number is expected to grow. 

So here’s what consumers have to look forward to; increased prices. Manufacturing costs will be going up and the costs will be passed down. 

Here are the things being the most seriously impacted. 

Food, carbonated beverages and packaged foods. 

Major Apple suppliers have been hammered by the global hip shortage, and now the energy crisis is affecting iPhone manufacturing. 

If you are planning on buying an artificial Christmas tree or decorations, you better do it before Thanksgiving because they will be short supply in December. 

Nike has had to deal with factory shutdowns in Vietnam, so sports shoes will be costing more if you can find the ones you want. 

Lulu Lemon has been affected too. 

CNBC reports that factory shutdowns in Malaysia are affecting  auto production, which is something that anyone who has been shopping for a new car has experienced in the U.S.

There is one bit of good news though.  Hallmark has produced a fresh supply of holiday movies, and the global supply chain issues will not affect it. 

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