Gigafactory Must Be German For ‘Gigantic’. One Of Elon Musk’s Final Tweets Before His Social Media Hiatus Shows An Update On Tesla’s Enormous New Plant In Germany.

Elon Musk is on a self-appointed break from Twitter. Before he signed off, he posted some incredible drone footage that shows the progress that is being made on Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany.

First off, let’s start with the obvious. It’s huge! The new production headquarters for the Model Y will be supplying all the Modey Y vehicles for Europe.

The other notable thing this factory will be known for is producing  battery cells, and the Model Y’s being built there will be the first Tesla vehicles to use their new structural battery pack architecture.

A week ago, Tesla updated shareholders on the Gigafactory Berlin’s status. “Local production and deliveries remain a key part of our growth strategy. While our total market share in Europe increased in 2020, Gigafactory Berlin should enable a significant increase in local deliveries, similar to what we saw after constructing Gigafactory Shanghai. Buildout of our Berlin factory continues as planned, and we have already started to move machinery into the building.”

Once Tesla has a firm grasp on the Model Y vehicle production out of Berlin, they will also eventually produce Model 3’s and other vehicles.

Now, as for seeing updates from Musk on Twitter or Instagram regarding the opening of the factory. We’ll have to see how long his social media ban lasts.  His update on the Berlin factory was his final tweet, outside of saying he was taking a break.

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