Get Over It! NY Governor Cuomo’s Selfish Disdain For Trump So Strong He Wants COVID Vaccinations To Wait.

FILE - In this June 15, 2020, file photo, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo removes a mask as he holds a news conference in Tarrytown, N.Y. The Justice Department vastly expanded its inquiry into whether New York is undercounting the number of nursing home residents dead from the coronavirus, demanding the state turn over death tallies from hundreds of private facilities. The demand ratchets up pressure on Cuomo after months of criticism from even members of his own party that the state’s official tally of those dead from the disease at long-term care facilities is likely undercounted. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

Sometimes, bickering people in high-profile positions just can’t seem to let it go, and that looks like the case in the long-standing feud between New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and President Donald Trump.

Monday, it was Cuomo’s turn to play the tear-down card.

On a day that saw a hopeful sign of big-time progress in the COVID-19 fight – Pfizer had a breakthrough in a vaccine clinical trial – Cuomo offered up that it’s good news but believes it is “bad news” that the Trump administration will plan the distribution.

Speaking with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Cuomo was unable to leave it as simply a victory for the coronavirus fight.

“Well, it’s good news, bad news, George,” Cuomo said. “The good news is the Pfizer tests look good and we’ll have a vaccine shortly. The bad news is it’s about two months before Joe Biden takes over, and that means this administration is going to be implementing a vaccine plan.”

Cuomo, who was criticized for his handling during the early stages of the pandemic, said he’s aiming to garner support in perhaps blocking Trump’s plan, believing that Biden should be able to implement his own agenda, as he criticized Trump’s “private providers” idea.

“I believe it learns nothing from the past,” Cuomo charged. “They’re basically going to have the private providers do it, and that’s going to leave out all sorts of communities that were left out the first time when COVID ravaged them.”

Later Monday, Senator Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) ripped Cuomo for his remarks.

“What on earth is Governor Cuomo talking about?” Sasse’s statement read. “This is great news, and everyone – Republicans and Democrats and apolitical folks – should all be jointly thrilled about the possibility of an effective vaccine.”

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