George Clooney’s Thoughts On Pandemic Safety? “Just Put A (expletive) Mask On!”

George Clooney has not been this icy about wrongdoing since he was talking to Mr. Freeze as Batman.

Clooney would like Americans to turn into masked men and women, sharing a direct message on Sirius XM’s “The Howard Stern Show” on Wednesday: “Just put a (expletive) mask on.”

“This thought where everybody is like, ‘Well, it’s my freedom,’” Clooney, 59, told Stern, “it’s like, that’s not how this (expletive) works, dumbass.

“Your freedom is this: You’re free to smoke until your lungs turn black, but you can’t do it on the bus. And you’re free to drink until your liver comes out your ass, but you can’t drink and then get behind the wheel of a car.

“There have to be certain rules. This is one that says: Put on a (expletive) mask and we’ll get through this. We’ve got vaccines coming – let’s save another 60,000 lives before the vaccines.”

The Academy Award winner then went after President Donald Trump after Stern questioned how a self-described germophobe like Trump did not advocate mask-wearing more.

“He was the dumb goofball,” Clooney said of Trump. “He was the guy that came up to us at the Stone Rose (in New York) and sat at our table when he wasn’t invited and then would say, ‘What’s the name of the waitress?’

“It was like, ‘Well, I don’t know, ask your wife.’ He was just that guy.”

After the likes of Judge Judy and Taylor Swift recently, who will pop up next for celebrity mask admonishments?

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