“Do You Blame Yourself And Take Responsibility For Your Marriage Ending? I Do.”  Bill Gates Tells Friends He Blew It. I Do.” Bill Gates Takes Responsibility For His Marriage Falling Apart. 

Not much news came out of the Allen & CO.’s billionaire Sun Valley retreat, except for one interesting development in the Bill and Melinda Gats divorce saga. 

Turns out Bill reportedly told attendees of an “off the record” Q&A session with CNBC host Becky Quick that he is responsible for the marriage blowing up. 

One person there was quoted in Business Insider as saying :”He fess up to messing up. He basically referred to the fact the divorce was his fault.”

The usual stoic and nerdy deca billionaire even showed some raw human emotion as he was discussing it. Here’s more from that attendee.

“He did seem a bit emotional. He might have been on the verge of tears.”

Of course everyone wants to connect the dots to the big A, and wonder if that means Gates was admitting to an affair. According to people there, he did not mention that specifically, but there are multiple reports documenting multiple instances of sexual relationships with numerous women. 

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