Megayachts, Luxury Helicopters, Private Coves, Pizza And A Rich Single Who’s Ready To Mingle. Welcome To Bill Gates’ Birthday Party.

I bet this birthday celebration for Bill Gates was much different than the previous 30 or so, now that he is single and ready to mingle.  

The nerdy billionaire hosted a private party in a secluded Turkish cove, and invited a bunch of rich friends, including Jeff Bezos. 

You can imagine the indulgence going on at this bash, as the Microsoft founder with a net worth of $136 billion rolled out the red carpet for the four hour party that reportedly had sushi pizza, local seafood and champagne on the menu. 

The 50 or so guests took a helicopter from Gates’s megayacht and hit the cove for the throw down.

The yacht is named “Lana,” and Gates is renting it for a little over $2 million per week.  (

I wonder if Gates was taunted by Bezos and company for not owning his own megayacht.  What a peasant)

No word if some of the party guests refused to get off the boat and head to the cove since Lana did feature a jacuzzi, swimming pool, gym and its own beach club. 

Bezos pulled the ultimate baller move, by leaving the party on his own helicopter to head to his own megayacht Hamed “Flying Fox.”

Which he owns!

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